Self-Employed Income

Many of our clients are self-employed, own their own businesses, operate as consultants or contractors or have other complex sources of income which can prove to be a challenge for those who are looking to secure a mortgage.

All these factors can make it complicated and challenging to secure a mortgage, and we understand that it can be both frustrating and stressful to be turned down by a lender on the basis that your earnings aren’t typically structured.

But this is where our expert team can help. We’ve spent years building strong relationships with a range of lenders; high street names you may be familiar with, smaller specialist providers and private banks. We’ll work with you to fully understand your circumstances in order to represent your case in the best light possible to then match you with the right product and lender.

So whilst your circumstances may be complex, let our team take the hassle out of the process. For a friendly and informal chat to explore the possibilities, contact us to book your complementary initial review.