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Content & Marketing Manager

I am a writer and editor with over 30 years’ media experience. I have edited various magazines and websites in the health and fitness sector including Women’s Running and Women’s Fitness and I am also the former editorial director of Men’s Fitness. I am a published author of six books, including Run Yourself Fit, The World Marathon Book, Supercharge Your Confidence, How To Feel Less Anxious, Be Brave and Dementia Care – A Guide.

On the marketing side, I have managed the marketing and PR needs of various healthcare companies and I am the founder of the website Dementia Help, which offers free advice to family carers.

I developed an interest in financial journalism after researching the relationship between mental health and financial wellbeing. Over 9.5 million Brits suffer from mental health issues due to concerns about money. With key fears around buying a first home as well as saving for retirement, there is clearly a demand for expert advice on money management across all ages.

I love working for MB Associates as the team are dynamic and so passionate about what they do. Each and every staff member truly values their clients and always strives to provide amazing service.

Random fact about me: in 2008 I bought a Harley Davidson motorbike before I even knew how to ride.

“I’m passionate about delivering clear, easily-digestible content that enables clients to understand the latest developments in property and finance, and make informed decisions about their futures.”