First-Time Buyers

First-Time Buyers guide front cover

Thinking of buying your first home? Find out everything you need to know including what paperwork you need and how to apply for a mortgage.

Stamp Duty Guide

Stamp duty payments guide mortgages

Find out about the recent changes to stamp duty, how they will affect you and what you will have to pay.

Self-Employed Mortgages

Self employed mortgages

Being self-employed doesn’t necessarily need to stop you from getting a mortgage. Find out what the lending criteria is and what you need to do to get prepared to apply for your mortgage.

Contractor Mortgages

Getting a mortgage as a contractor

Find out how to go about getting a mortgage if you work as a contractor. Our detailed FREE guide explains how lenders typically calculate what you can borrow and what paperwork you need to apply for a mortgage.

Getting A Mortgage When You’re Older

Getting a mortgage when you're older

You might think you’re too old to get a mortgage when you’re in your 50s or 60s, but times have changed and there are many options for older borrowers. Find out more.

Your Essential Guide To Financial Protection

Essential guide to financial protection

All the information you need on the different types of cover and how to choose what may be suitable to protect you and your family.

Recession-Proof Your Business

Tips how to protect your business

Expert advice from MB Associates on how to ensure your business survives and thrives, including how to plan ahead and cut costs without cutting corners.

Health Check Your Finances

Guide to managing your money and health check your finances

Find out how to manage your finances effectively and take control of your spending with this useful money-saving guide from MB Associates. Essential reading.

Mortgage Jargon-Buster Guide

Ultimate mortgage jargon buster

If you’re looking to buy your first property, you may be curious or even confused from time to time about some unfamiliar words used during your mortgage application. MB Associates has teamed up with MPowered Mortgages to create this handy jargon-buster guide.

Your Essential Guide To Equity Release

Guide to equity release mortgages

All you need to know about equity release including the different types of plans and why equity release might be an option to consider.