MB Associates was formed by Monica Bradley, an independent, self-made entrepreneur with a head for numbers and a passion for helping others. Here’s some more information about our Managing Director and the company’s growth.

In the realm of financial services, the name Monica Bradley resonates with a story of strategic growth and unwavering client dedication. Since stepping into the world of finance in 1987, Monica’s career has been a narrative that many budding entrepreneurs look toward for guidance on how to thrive in a competitive market.

‘When I first became a mortgage adviser, I knew I wanted to work for myself, but I also felt there was room for growth,’ says Monica.

Monica’s success is distinguished by the fact that she never saw her work solely as a means to an end. For Monica, it’s also about ensuring her clients receive an outstanding level of service every time. This mindset has ensured that Monica has received countless recommendations, and she is known for serving three generations of families.

The client-centric approach

It’s safe to say that Monica’s client-centric approach became the foundation of her business. ‘I worked hard for my clients and got some excellent feedback, which resulted in many recommendations and more clients coming my way until I could no longer manage the workload,’ she says.

Ensuring that clients received exceptional advice created a predicament for Monica. ‘I couldn’t deal with the sheer volume of clients that came my way. It was a nice problem to have! Expansion was the only way forward, so I started thinking about other ways to grow the business,’ she explains.

‘Operating as a solopreneur would have been possible, but I didn’t like the idea of turning away new clients,’ adds Monica. ‘I like the idea of making progress, which happens when you grow a business. For me, there’s nothing more rewarding than moving forward.’

When Monica first started out, she had one office in Cheam Village. Now, she has two premises in Cheam and a mortgage shop in Stonecot Hill, Sutton.

In tune with clients’ evolving needs, Monica and her team offer an extensive range of financial protection services. In addition, Monica encourages her clients to learn about money and become more financially aware so that they can plan ahead for a more secure future. ‘While I still enjoy helping clients buy their dream homes, I also find it exhilarating to think about other ways of developing my business. I also try to educate clients on how to plan ahead and think about where they want to be in the long term,’ she says.

In addition to offering bespoke mortgage advice, the company aims to ensure that clients remain financially resilient in the event of unexpected life events, such as illness or injury.

Growing the business

Monica values her team greatly and is keen to attract self-motivated, ambitious individuals into the company.

‘For me, there’s nothing more rewarding than attracting the right talent into the company and growing together,’ says Monica. ‘A motivated, dynamic team can bring a business to life,’ she adds. ‘Skilled and ambitious individuals tend to gravitate towards us, and long may it continue.’