Many of our clients are business owners themselves. Whilst they often consider that protection products such as life insurance and critical illness cover are essential to safeguard their family’s financial future, it’s sometimes the case that they haven’t got the same arrangements in place to specifically cover their business partners in the event that something unforeseen happens. If no policies are in place, it can mean that the surviving directors lose control of the business, leaving the company in turmoil and financial difficulties.

Life insurance, Key Person Insurance and Directors Share Insurance are all products which are specifically tailored to ensure that, if the worst should happen, the security of your business is taken care of, both for the benefit of your business partners but also your family.


If you own a limited company, you may be able to take advantage of a tax efficient way to set up life cover as a ‘death in service’ benefit so you and your staff are protected by a life insurance policy provided by the business.

A Relevant Life policy is a scheme approved by HMRC that is subscribed to by a number of insurance providers. This means that directors of limited companies are able to put a policy in place with the premiums being paid for by the business, but due to the way the scheme is structured employees do not pay any tax on the benefit, as the policies are not treated as additional income. This enables the business to cover the cost of the premiums without causing any further tax liability to staff and the cost of the premiums to the company can be treated as a business expense.

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Directors Share Protection is a specific policy which covers business owners in the event that they wish to purchase the share of the business left by a deceased partner or shareholder.

For example, if a business partner were to die, it’s likely that their shares would be left to their spouse or another surviving family member, potentially giving that person a controlling share of the business. This could mean that the surviving business partners and shareholders have to raise the funds to buy that person out of the business, which could be exceptionally difficult and put the financial security of the company at risk.

A Directors Share Protection Policy is designed to provide cover for shareholders and business partners so that, in the event that one of them dies, the policy will make sure that funds are available to purchase the share of the company which has been left to the deceased directors spouse or family.

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Key Person Protection is designed to pay out a lump sum on the death of the insured key person, or if they are diagnosed with a critical illness.

It’s paid as a lump sum and could significantly help the business to recover from losing either a Director or other important team member who contributes significantly to the business. The proceeds can be used to help replace lost profit or finding and hiring a replacement, to help limit any disruption to the company or loss of business. Key Person Protection is taken out by the business for the benefit of the business, so any payout from the policy benefits the company, not the insured individual or their family.

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