There are many good reasons to make a will; documenting your wishes formally is the only way to ensure that your savings and possessions (your estate) are distributed in the way you wish to the people and causes you care about.

You may be able to reduce the amount of inheritance tax that the beneficiaries may be liable to pay. It’s also the only way you can appoint legal guardians for your children. For example, if you don’t have a will and stipulate within it who you would want to look after your children in the event that you and your partner died, your children may be taken into foster care whilst the courts decide which of your remaining family members are the most appropriate to care for your children.

Making a will is very important if you co-habit with a partner but aren’t married, as you don’t have the same legal rights over each other’s assets as a married couple. Unfortunately, accidents and illness can occur at any age, and with so much potentially at stake, surely it’s worth spending a few hundred pounds to ensure that you can protect your family’s future in the event that you no longer can? Making a will doesn’t have to be onerous or expensive, and our business partners are here to assist you every step of the way. To find out just how simple it is, why not contact us for an initial informal discussion.