Tennis coach Andrew McQuater didn’t think he’d be able to get a mortgage due to his self-employed status, but fortunately, he got the help he needed from MB Associates…

I have played tennis all my life and at the age of 24, I became a self-employed professional coach. I have been at The Queen’s Club now for 13 years where I coach all different ages and abilities.

When we found our dream house, we originally went to another broker. I supplied him with everything he asked for and two weeks in, and after a lot of sleepless nights, he said that the house wasn’t for us as he couldn’t get us the money we needed. 

I quickly was told about Phil (Leivesley) from MB Associates by a friend and contacted him straight away as the vendors were getting impatient. He asked for some details and then came back the next day and said he could help. He was extremely thorough – we supplied everything he needed (by this time we couldn’t believe how unprofessional the other broker was compared to Phil) and he got us the mortgage offer we needed. Without Phil, we would have most certainly lost the house. From start to finish, Phil was upbeat, friendly and very informative – I felt a huge level of trust in him.

Being self-employed and getting a mortgage clearly isn’t impossible, but I think you definitely need a good broker. You need to be completely honest about your financial situation and let a professional get to work on your behalf. A good broker is there to help you, while a bad broker can ruin any chance of you getting a house – which would have happened to us if it wasn’t for Phil.

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