Imagine thinking you’ve left it too late to buy a property and then finding out you can be a homeowner after all. One couple who came to us for help were thrilled to be able to buy their first home together.

We often speak to first-time buyers or those who have been out of the property market for some time, perhaps renting after a change of situation like a separation, who think they won’t be able to buy a property.

It’s wonderful when we can help clients who had ruled themselves out of being able to buy a home. This often happens with self-employed clients, but it can also happen with older borrowers, notably people over 50 who think they have left it too late to get a new mortgage.

Not too late to buy their first home

Declan O'BrienWe recently helped a couple become homeowners thanks to the advice and support they received from Declan O’Brien, one of our mortgage advisers. They have shared their story with us…

‘I first contacted Declan at the beginning of June 2023 during an incredibly worrying time as myself and my partner had just been given two months’ notice to vacate our rental home but with first refusal to buy.

‘When I first considered the possibility of leaving the rental market and buying a home, I was filled with doubt. Our income and ages, especially with my partner being 58, seemed to be significant barriers. I had no idea if this dream was even feasible.

‘Declan spent over an hour speaking to me during that initial phone call and I immediately felt he would be the best person to navigate us through the complicated process of buying our first home together.

Listening to unique requirements

‘Declan listened to the details of our situation and understood our unique requirements. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the options available to us. No question was ever too small for him to answer, and he never made me feel silly for asking the most basic questions.

‘He worked tirelessly to find us the best mortgage deal he possibly could and immediately informed me about any extra information or evidence the lender required. He was incredibly efficient in submitting any requested documentation and kept me updated throughout the process.

Voice of reason

‘Given the complication of our unique situation, it was an incredibly stressful time for me, and Declan was so much more than just a mortgage adviser. He always took the time to reassure me, and quite simply, he was the voice of reason.

‘I know some companies are all about efficiency and maximising profit without really considering their clients, but I fully appreciate the personal service Declan provided.

‘I knew I could have obtained free mortgage advice elsewhere, but from that first phone call with Declan, I knew I wouldn’t feel comfortable or confident that I was receiving the very best advice from anyone other than him. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe Declan, and I can’t thank him enough for the level of support and expertise we received.’

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