We know that it’s not a fun topic of conversation, but have you ever paused to consider for a moment how you’d pay your mortgage and household bills if you lost your job, or became seriously ill?

As our founder, Monica Bradley explains, “Apart from keeping a roof over your head and avoiding getting into difficulties with your mortgage lender, there are the normal outgoings which would continue to mount up as well as other forms of committed expenditure to contend with, such as credit card repayments, car finance or perhaps school fees or childcare. Yet with Statutory Sick Pay for an individual only £89.35 per week, and the individual Jobseekers Allowance only up to £71.70 per week, how much would that leave you out of pocket?”

Monica continues, “As part of our service, we review our clients’ financial arrangements to help them plan for the ‘what if’ scenario, and we offer a wide range of policies designed to protect your lifestyle, savings and family which are very straightforward and not at all scary to arrange. Monthly premiums starting from £25 providing £1,000 per month of income protection cover are available from some of the UK’s largest insurers, so regardless of your age or what you do for a living, we’ll be able to find the right protection plan for you. Wellies and umbrella optional!”

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