Paul Sadler is a repeat client of MB Associates and came back to us last year for a new mortgage. He reveals why he finds it helpful to use a broker.

Over the years, we’ve gotten to know our clients well. We provide an honest, open, and seamless service for our clients, which means we receive a lot of recommendations.

When we first help a new client, we embark on a journey with them which can often involve helping them buy their first home, then having them come back to us years later when they need a mortgage for their next property. They also come to us when their circumstances have changed, whether that means dealing with a separation or borrowing in later life.

One of our many repeat clients is Paul Sadler, a train driver for South Western Railway. Paul came to MB Associates for a mortgage on his first property back in 2003. ‘I first heard about MB Associates through my mum, who has lived in Cheam all her life, and she told me about (Managing Director) Monica,’ says Paul.

New mortgage

Paul came back to us last May for a new mortgage after his divorce was finalised. ‘My experience with MB Associates has been brilliant,’ says Paul. ‘I really do feel very lucky to have used the firm twice now. Everyone who works at MB Associates has been helpful, informative and has kept in constant contact. They have also kept on top of any necessary paperwork with regards to the mortgage.’

Having the paperwork handled on your behalf is just one of the benefits of using a broker. A good broker can advise you on your current financial situation, including how much you can borrow and whether it’s advisable for you to buy a property now or hold off for a bit longer. They can also shop around and find the most competitive mortgage product for you. Many brokers also have access to mortgage loans from lenders that aren’t always available directly to members of the public. In essence, a good broker can save you money and will be up to date on what’s happening in the mortgage market.

Safe hands

In addition, knowing you’re in safe hands when applying for a mortgage is reassuring for many. Paul found the additional support he got from MB Associates very helpful. ‘As far as I can see, the benefit of using a broker means someone is working properly in my best interests,’ says Paul. ‘Having a broker in the middle bridges the communication between lender and customer perfectly.’

Paul adds: ‘I want to thank everyone involved at MB Associates, with a special mention to Monica and Helen, who worked tirelessly to help me obtain my property.’

If you would like advice on your mortgage, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

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