When Georgie Haime and her partner bought their first home together, they used MB Associates and found that the advice they received helped them plan for the future…

26-year-old Georgie Haime and her partner Elliott, aged 29, used one of our experienced mortgage advisers, James Watson, to arrange their mortgage so that they could buy a house together. Georgie was worried that Elliott’s self-employed status might be a problem, but with the right advice and paperwork, the pair were able to buy a lovely home…

Tell us a bit about you and your situation before you moved.

I was living at home with my mum and also spent time living at my partner Elliott’s flat in Sutton.

What property did you buy?

We sold the flat in Sutton and moved to Dorking, where we now have a three-bedroom detached house.

What challenges were you anticipating when you applied for a mortgage?

Elliott is a self-employed electrician. We dealt with James Watson, and he will tell you I must have spoken to him a million times. James told us what paperwork we needed and guided us the whole way.

What did you think of the service you received from us?

Very good. James is brilliant. He really explained the nitty-gritty of everything to us and outlined precisely what route was best for us and why that was the case, as well as where we could be in two or five years’ time. It was basically a case of putting together a plan, and James went into detail about our options for the future. There was a lot to it, and he took so much time explaining as we didn’t understand things, really. I have major trust in James. He encouraged us to think ahead, and I could tell he cared. He was really thorough.

What other support did you find helpful?

Morgan (James’ paraplanner who helps with admin) was brilliant, too – any question or concern I had, I would call, and sometimes there would be a hiccup in the sale, or the lender would call and ask for another document. I would be panicking, thinking, ‘Oh my God, they will decline us’ and Morgan would always be there and reassure me and sort things out straight away.

Did you have to wait long for your mortgage offer?

No, it was quite quick. I’d say about three weeks. There was a slight delay as they asked a few more questions about Elliott’s self-employed status and his background, but James sorted it, and we received the mortgage offer.

Why should people use a mortgage broker rather than going direct to a lender, in your view?

You’ve got to use one. They will offer reassurance, and they are on the ball. If anything crops up with the lender where they ask a question, it’s answered straight away with the right paperwork and not delayed further. A lender can take forever, and a broker is there to chase and has experience in how to help.

How are you enjoying life in your new home?

Honestly, it’s so crazy; it’s a totally new area and the best thing I’ve ever done. I walk down the high street and look around, and I’m so grateful.

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